Was it worth it?

Hey guys! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then I’m sure you already know that our 21 Day Sugar Detox ended last Wednesday. Now that it’s over, people keep asking me “Was it worth it? Do you feel great?”. Well… here’s the thing. I would love to mirror some of the other bloggers out there who experienced miraculous turn-arounds in their skin health, lost weight, and trained harder, but I just can’t. Maybe it’s because Michael and I eat pretty strictly regardless, I’d say we’d fall somewhere between 85% – 90% Whole30 compliant with our diets, so the sugar detox just wasn’t that different for us. I can’t say it was a total failure, I ended up losing about 3 pounds and a slept like a baby for those 3 weeks, but that’s it. I actually had less energy for exercise and became sick several times from eating lunch after CrossFit. By sick, I mean super queasy and bloated, two of my least favorite things. It’s so strange to me how different this made me feel versus doing a Whole30. I guess the complete elimination of fruit and really starchy veggies impacted me more than I ever thought it would.

Here’s a quick recap of our dinners from the last few days of the detox:

Cauliflower Pizza Bake (This was YUM)
Pizza Casserole

Paleo Bang Bang Shrimp
Bang Bang

Paleo Pad Thai
Pad Thai

Cashew Encrusted Broiled Flounder with Sauteed Kale

Even though the detox wasn’t mind blowing, I’m glad we saw it through to the end. It’s always a nice feeling to set a goal and see it accomplished. I didn’t mind having a glass of wine and beef filet to celebrate last night either.



Now that the detox is over, I’m going to loosen up the reins a little bit and just try to focus on more exercise instead of restricting our food so intensely. Doing these types of eating clean stretches is a great way to reset your cravings and health priorities, but man is it good when they end. Yay for not cooking tonight!

P.S. We made Mickey shaped pancakes this morning and it’s true what they say – everything tastes better when it’s got Mickey ears. Have an amazing Saturday everyone!


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